Most Valuable Eater- MVE

Most Valuable Whata? Eater. Here’s a funny story. One day the Aunt Berta’s crew #teamamazing decided to check our facebook reports and we saw that our community was growing. What better way to celebrate growth than to give back. Now we’ll admit, this give back isn’t completely free, we make you work just a tad for it. The rules are actually quite simple. All you are required to do is participate as much as you can on our Facebook page. We’re talkin’, page sharin’, post likin’, and bestie taggin’ for the win. To be honest, we’re a little obsessed and it shows. Excuse the tangent, we can’t help it. Anyways, when we see exactly who shows us love the most, we shower them with love and a free meal of their choice from any of our locations.  Ready to participate? Click the icon below.

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  • Kim Patterson says:

    I went on Mother’s Day I placed my order and every time I saw something different I got it I was in line 3 different times the cashier did that’s it no more.

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