A Woman Who Impacts- Martha Chavis

An Influential Woman

Martha Chavis


Camden AHEC


Located at 514 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102

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About Martha

Ms. Chavis’s staff position as Camden AHEC’s Executive Director and Workforce Director of the
Community Health Worker Institute (CHWI) typifies her role as a member of senior
management staff at the various organizations she has worked over the years. In her role as
Director of Camden AHEC’s CHWI, Ms. Chavis has worked to enhance the goals of the Institute
to: increase the recognition and respect for CHWs, establish a meaningful CHW labor market
and provide skills standards and accessible CHW training resources. As one of the originators
and master trainers of Camden AHEC’s CHW curriculum, Ms. Chavis has also been
instrumental in updating the curriculum’s basic content with workforce and community-based
competencies for the CHW to demonstrate in an on-the-job training setting. Ms. Chavis also
continues to augment her CHW skills. She recently completed the Women’s Health Leadership
Institute (WHLI) CHW trainer workshops. As a master trainer for WHLI, Ms. Chavis trains
CHWs to utilize their leadership skills in developing and implementing community action
programs in their local areas.
As Camden AHEC’s Executive Director, Ms. Chavis has as her agency’s mission, ‘healthy futures
for all people.’ Ms. Chavis is a passionate proponent for ‘a healthy quality of life’ which she
believes everyone is deserving. In both her roles at AHEC, Ms. Chavis continues to conduct
workshops on organizational capacity building and staff development, cultural competency,
grant writing and grant administration, entry-level health careers, HIV/AIDS education, child
and adolescent development, women’s health issues, job readiness and self-management skills.
Ms. Chavis is a resident of Camden City where she has worked for the last 32 years. Ms. Chavis
has traveled extensively worldwide and has visited all but a few states in the U.S.A. Ms. Chavis
believes service with human dignity is the best approach for achieving outcomes in the
community that make a difference. Ms. Chavis has received many awards for her community
service and professional development work throughout the years

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